Implement Feature Workflows Using Agile Planning and SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator

Implementing a Feature workflow using Easy Agile Planning Tool & SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator will better help you navigate the complexities of planning, executing, and tracking the business value of feature delivery.

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Video Transcription

Hello, today we are going to talk about how to unravel the complexities of planning, executing, and tracking the business value of a future delivery by implementing a feature workflow using Easy Agile planning tool and safe Epic Feature Translator.



My name is Elena Kolesnik, I am the product manager in the supply products team. We will be working through how to implement our feature workflow using Easy Agile Planning Tool and SAFe Epic to Feature Translator to better structure your advice and issue key for your skilled agile purpose.

We have been talking to customers and the common issue we have seen among them is the Atlassian issue hierarchy is a fixed 3 tiered hierarchy consisting of Epic, Story, Task out of the box.

Unfortunately, this structure conflicts with how multiple Enterprise Organization levels, plan, execute, and track work at scale. In addition, product companies focused on business value- learn and work on “Features.” In the vanilla Atlassian environment. This doesn’t exist and poses some language challenges related to terminology, as a result, we come and we see that users struggle to find these large items in the issues search.

Our organizations, nomenclature, and business terminology doesn’t map the Atlassian terminology, and these causes gaps in the reporting and ultimately leads to process breakdowns. Conflicts of this feature layer, with other 3rd party plugins, cause challenges to planning and prioritization of feature issue work items.

In addition, features, workflow, and progress against features in teams working on features get wonky. So by combining these Agile and Epic to Feature plugin, you can introduce a Feature hierarchy, rename Epics and create the missing layers in your organizations, streamline how you work with other 3rd parties, Agile planning tools like easy Agile our example, implement or feature workflow, and plan, execute, and track the business value of Feature delivery. so let’s see the Epic to Feature app in action. Once you’re ready you will be redirected to the configuration page and by clicking next, we will be able to see these instructions.

And by clicking on all of these steps, you will be able to translate the necessary Epics into Features. Once ready, you will be able to see the following breakdown of your issue types. Here, in my example, in the test project, I will be able to create either one of these tasks, Story, bug, capability, portfolio Epic, or feature.

Easy Agile can help you make it safe. If you’re curious, then you are officially on the train. So Agile release train. That it is endure attempting to navigate the world of the scale to jobs framework. One of the keys to the train running and delivering on time, if the execution of effective program increment planning, PI planning. So how teams are currently executing the PI plan. So traditionally we have seen this take place in a better physical sense that a 2-day planning session can see anywhere between 100 to 200 plus members of an agile release train travel from all over the world to a single location where the plan of the next increment of work. During this time product managers sell the program vision in the shape of the top of kind of features and teams identifying plan work to support the achievement of those features.

Once work is planned product owners and their development teams identify Christine dependencies, which are communicated to the party using string on a physical program word, which normally called as I get to board.

Use case 1

So on this example here, you can see how you can set up the product solution vision and with Easy Agile and Epic to Feature translator rather than presenting the top 10 features list like document, problem managers are able to schedule their Jira features onto a visual timeline for the duration of an increment and share with the entire job really stream.

Use case 2

In the following example, you can see the team breakouts or how you are able to schedule your work.

So will the context of the feature roadmap at the top of their planning session, teams are able to drag and drop existing issues from their backlog and schedule them into their sprints. In addition, teams can also create new issues within the planning board to support feature completion. For example, on this slide, you can see that was in your road map and backlog here. You’re able to create a feature and here you are able to see what level of issue types you have and you can successfully use during your PI planning session.

Use case 3

In this example, the increment over you chose a digital representation of the physical program board created your, PI clinic session. So teams can easily present that of across team dependencies in the Agile release train in this view. And, and how’s, the dependencies are quickly highlighted.

In addition, starting with the latest version of SAFe Epic to Feature translator, we have introduced things, use special translation to help, to ensure you’re aligned with the same doctrine. For now, you can translate the following terms, project fixed version, and the effects version [inaudible].

Once on the configuration page, you are able, for example, to insert, let’s say you would like to translate your project continuously. Once provides the correct words, you are able to apply and here in your project section, you now see that your project is called containers.

This is helpful when you would like to be fully aligned with your saved doctor. In addition, Epic to feature translator helps you translate and remain the Atlassian UI labels on the front so that the language maps to your enterprise terminology at scale. Organizations using scaled agile frameworks like (SAFe, LeSS, DAD..) Can map their nomenclature and structure in Atlassian Environment. You can also create new containers of work about the team level that enhances your team’s programs and portfolio feature functionality in Atlassian. You can also establish points of integration with Jira Align and other tools so that you want to own the Epic work item and integrate it with Jira software. Thank you.

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