fix jira data and workflow inconsistencies with Power Scripts

Rate your level of pain caused by data and workflow inconsistencies that are silently spreading like a virus, infecting your applications, work items, and ultimately inhibiting collaboration inside your organization.

You’re probably a 10, but we cooked you up the remedy with our HTTP & JSON REST-ipes!



As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we’re frequently asked to come in and clean up messy software applications that have derailed, or to fix botched software implementations. While the remedies are usually some blend of software and services, we’ve seen that most of these challenges across multiple organizations are quite often the same:


The lack of a cohesive implementation plan for an organization to adopt software quickly fuels multiple fires that compound into a massive blaze.


If you’re a Jira Admin managing instances, you’ve heard this story countless times. You know that the best solution is to just integrate your applications together for one aligned enterprise perspective!

After a recent visit to Atlassian’s marketplace, we were shocked that a query like “integration” brought back 552 plugins related to integration.  Based on the count, it seems that all software applications eventually lead through Atlassian in the form of an installed plugin. Can you say cha-ching?!

integration apps on Jira



A Jira Admin repeatedly encounters the following business problems:

  • The need to develop apps/plugins that help extend Jira functionality
  • The need to create specific metrics, reports or one-time pulls that paint a picture to assist program managers, or portfolio managers in an attempt to simplify their complex data
  • The need to sync Jira issues, workflows and fields with other external application systems together for one unified enterprise perspective



Looking back over the recent engagements, there’s a definite trend towards data integration in an effort to align and consolidate all metadata, software applications, and workflows into a singular system.

With over 500 different apps available…How do you choose – Eenie Meenie Miney Mo? But then how many apps will you need? How many hours do you invest in researching what app or apps will get the job done?

Before you start down that rabbit hole, we’ll save you the time. You only need one app, (yes, seriously, only one), and it’s called Power Scripts™ for Jira. Power Scripts™ for Jira has the power to wrangle all of your complex Jira administration use cases, all the while simplifying your integration story to one vendor.  We just rolled out a powerful new feature that allows you to manage your integration through one partner rather than 552.  #zinged

If you’re a Jira Administrator, and you don’t have this in your toolbox:



Power Scripts™ for Jira – Release 4.1.0

Now with the 4.1.0 release, Power Scripts™ for Jira can handle JSON & HTTP routines. With these pre-built routines, you can interact with the Jira API and:

    • Authenticate with the REST API via Basic Authentication in order to connect to external systems
    • POST to the REST API w/ JSON payload for the purpose of updating fields in a destination system
    • Acception response from REST API w/ JSON payload for the purposes of updating native fields and native custom fields in Jira
    • GET data from external systems
    • Set up integrations back to Jira
    • Keep two Jira instances in sync

Now, users can enjoy the ability to join and integrate with any application systems in real-time that uses a REST API.  Get your thinking cap on because if the REST API exists, the opportunities are endless.  Just think Zendesk, Salesforce, Jenkins, Telecom Systems, you name it.

Using Power Scripts™ for Jira means you only need to use one app to handle all your integration needs. Once you try our 30-day free trial, the REST will be history!

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