The new version of the Power Apps ushers in a new era of interface improvements. Along with the myriad of improvements that comes with this release is a new interface platform designed to be able to handle more exciting new features.

New and improved SIL Engine

A brand new SIL Manager has been developed to allow for greater ease of use and new features to be added!

Download console output – quickly generate output (like CSV data files) from the console window and download to your desktop

Enhanced usages reporting – highlight variables, or custom field names in scripts and search other scripts that use the same name.

Persistent variables console – finally, a way to visually manage and update persistent variables (database variables)

Event viewer – track actions in the SIL Manager using the new event viewer

Syntax highlighting – not to be confused with the code check tool, syntax highlighting can dynamically change the colors of variable names, function, and routines in the script code to make them easier to read. The code editor can now highlight different file formats such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

File type detection – auto detection of file types designed to drive the appropriate syntax highlighting in the editor

Coming Soon!

  • Multiple tabs support
  • Git integration
  • Contextual help
  • Split screen mode
  • SIL Aliases console

Performance monitoring

The Power Apps have always had performance in mind but now users can see just how fast their scripts are running to make sure Data Center instances keep running at their best.

SQL performance monitoring – Get insight into the performance of the database while running scripts.

Script performance – See how long each script takes to run and see if each script has had any errors.

Improved listeners functionality

Improvements to the listeners not only improve performance but open up new possibilities as well.

Project and issue type filters – Not only is this more convenient then writing the filter into the script itself but it will also be more performant to run as the scripts will only be executed for specific projects and issue types.

Class specific events – Run listeners on events from 3rd party apps by using the Java class listener. This allows scripts to run from any event triggered by any other app.

Script Templates

Add custom automations without writing any scripts at all!

In-app Support

Get help from customer support without ever leaving the application!

And much, much more!

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