Ask God for patience, and you’ll get a line at the bank. Or better yet, thousands upon thousands of old Confluence pages that you need to manually label. A clean and tidy Confluence is necessary to ensure people use your Confluence space and are not confused by outdated or irrelevant pages or ideas. Although we love Confluence, having to manually clean up, label or modify pages one by one is a task nobody looks forward to.

Fortunately, those days of repetition, frustration and desk thumping are gone thanks to our new FREE app: Power Scripts™ for Confluence.

Easily Add Automation to Your Confluence

Power Scripts™ for Confluence was made because you need a way to enhance your Confluence administration. Customers love Power Scripts™ for Confluence because it can apply certain actions to a number of pages in bulk, saving you from all the manual work.



Here are some of the video use cases where Power Scripts™ for Confluence helps you to automate your Confluence administration:

How to Create Multiple Confluence Pages in Bulk


How to Add Labels to Confluence Pages in Bulk


How to Bulk Delete Confluence Pages


Check out our easy Confluence admin video playlist here to help get you started.

See our whole list of routines here.

With Power Scripts™ for Confluence it’s never been easier to extend and customize your Confluence experience, allowing you to do so much more with your work and teams. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to easy bulk actions, administration and lots more free time with our new FREE app!

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