Over three-quarters of companies are already deploying workflow automation initiatives and app purveyors are making sure you can bring the same efficiency-boosting strategy into Jira.

There’s a treasure trove of Jira automation plug-ins that add a much-needed dose of efficiency to your Jira ecosystem. But with over 4,000 add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace, how do you know where to get started?

In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the list to the best Jira plug-ins for boosting your automation strategy. These top-rated apps (some with thousands of downloads!) will turn your Jira experience into a productivity powerhouse.

1. Power Scripts for Jira

Kick pesky, toilsome tasks to the curb with Power Scripts for Jira. From customer service to IT and marketing, time management analysts estimate that employees waste over three hours per day on repetitive digital tasks. Top Jira users turn to Power Scripts to eliminate time-draining, repetitive activities through automation. Set up your own listeners, curate the UI to suit your organization’s workflow, or automatically populate fields with external or third-party data.

With live fields, you’ll have greater control over your Jira ecosystem. Completely hide, disable editing, or set values to dynamically change based on the data contained in other fields.

Bonus: you don’t need advanced coding experience to use Power Scripts for Jira. Simple Issue Language (SIL) allows citizen developers to access high-power features without the technical barriers. The streamlined “If This Then That” language rolls out the red carpet of automation to more players on your team, reducing long scripts of custom code into easy-to-learn commands of just 3-4 lines.

If you’re weighed down by the tech debt of too many single-purpose apps, Power Scripts for Jira takes over for the bunch and consolidates functionalities into a single all-in-one app.

2. Power Database Fields PRO for Jira

No need to flip back and forth between apps or spreadsheets to view the database information you need: Power Database Fields PRO for Jira puts external data right at your fingertips.

With this great app, you can create a centralized one-stop-shop in Jira of the necessary database information. This powerful add-on cuts down on time-draining administrative tasks by automatically populating tables with the right data points. You can search libraries right within the Jira interface, ending the time-consuming practice of bouncing back and forth between windows to track down the info you need.

Say goodbye to input errors—this automation whizz removes the need for manual entry, and saves your Jira data from the death knell of human error. Online retailers, healthcare professionals, and HR managers use this powerful plug-in to automatically populate Jira tickets with accurate information.

Are industry regulations or top-notch cybersecurity safeguards barring your business from the cloud? While other database options on the Atlassian Marketplace cater to cloud-only clients, Power Database Fields PRO is the go-to plug-in for organizations running on-prem solutions.

3. Power Custom Fields for Jira

Are Jira field customizations too limited for your needs? Enhance your tickets with meaningful data from external systems using Power Custom Fields for Jira.  

Power Custom Fields for Jira is an app that allows you to fine tune fields in more ways: namely at the user, team, and project level. Design your own with user-friendly SIL commands, or choose from a vast library of drag-and-drop custom field options. For each field, you’ll be able to create a list of auto-complete suggestions, control formatting, insert ironclad data validations, or trigger custom calculations.

Project managers and scrum masters give this app high marks for its limitless customization options. Other competing apps only offer up a single solution, or require advanced programming language to access personalization features. Power Custom Fields for Jira makes it easy for everyone, even users without a computer science degree, to tailor fields to the team’s needs.

4. Surveys for Jira

Are you waiting until month or quarter’s end to compile customer satisfaction reports? Time for a new plan: one-third of your users will switch companies after one poor support interaction. There’s no time to wait when it comes to collecting customer complaints and compliments to find out how you can better serve your user base.

Get Surveys for Jira so you won’t miss out on this critical intel. While there are tons of survey services out there, few connect to the Jira ecosystem, so you’re left with a dossier of vague feedback disconnected from your workflow. Not so with Surveys for Jira.

With Surveys for Jira, results link directly to Jira tickets so you can easily measure your team’s performance. You’ll receive immediate customer feedback that ties to the epic, story, sub-task, task, or bug so you get the details right where you need them. Results aggregate into a crystal clear dashboard that updates in real time, so you have the info you need to identify and patch up any service shortfalls. 

Surveys for Jira also includes tons of customization options so you can insert dynamic fields and design a survey that matches the look and feel of your brand.

5. Power Utilities for Jira

Power Utilities for Jira is another app aimed at saving you valuable time throughout the day. Its automation tools are so helpful that one reviewer celebrated it as the “function they’ve been in search of for a long time!” This is the Jira app you need to streamline everyday tasks like automated ticket cloning, assignment, and more.

The app doesn’t bar functionalities behind advanced coding languages. Low-code tools allow everyday users access to more validators, post-functions, additional conditions, and JQL functions to speed up routine tasks.

Plus, Power Utilities for Jira makes searching for a specific ticket a snap. With additional JQL functions, the right ticket is no longer a needle in a haystack, but right at your fingertips. Quickly search for, and find, tickets that contain links, comments, subtasks, and more.

Automation is no longer a prediction for the far-off future—it’s happening now. While your organization might focus on automating customer-facing touch points, it’s important to infuse automation into every aspect of your organization, from project management to software development. These five plug-ins will help fill the gaps in your Jira ecosystem so you can champion the benefits of automation across your entire organization.

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