Think of some of your most hated repetitive tasks. They’re by far the most frustrating part of your day, right? Unfortunately, these tedious to-dos aren’t just a drain on our sanity, but they can take precious time away from more profitable projects. It’s not just you that’s feeling the heat—a recent study revealed that the average employee loses 60 hours per month on easily automatable tasks. If you’re a Jira software user looking for ways to enhance automation in your workflows, you’re in luck.

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Top 5 Atlassian Tools for Better Workflow Automation

We’ve compiled a list of five helpful plugins and Atlassian tools you can use to start automating your Jira environment. Using the best Jira automation tips and tricks, you can cut those pesky, manual tasks out of your schedule and start winning back your day. 

Power Scripts for Jira

With thousands of installs—and a standing Staff Pick badge from Atlassian—Power Scripts for Jira reigns as one of the top automation tools in the marketplace. Instead of building your workflows using scores of separate plugins, this automation one-stop-shop does it all. 

With Power Scripts for Jira, you can easily pull information from external databases into issue tickets, set up your own workflow listeners, and create complex automations near instantaneously. You can even curate your Jira user interface with new checkboxes and fields and charge them with triggering complex workflows. 

Think that sounds great, but you can’t imagine the programming involved to achieve and maintain it? 

Power Scripts for Jira leverages SIL (Simple Issue Language), a short, one-action-per-line script so citizen developers can quickly get in on the automation action. Plus, the whizzes behind this top-rated plugin manage SIL with each Jira update so your automation transition seamlessly between versions. 

Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets is another well-reviewed automation tool for Jira. This plugin focuses on time tracking, removing many of the frustrating tasks associated with managing calendars, assembling timesheets, and invoicing billable time. You can connect external calendars like Google Calendar to fill in time your team spent in meetings, and automatically generate timesheets for approval. With nearly 30,000 installs, it’s a trusted plugin for automating all of your time-tracking needs. 

Power Database Fields

E-commerce leaders, healthcare organizations, and human resource professionals are in charge of large information databases ranging from product inventory to employee records. Do you spend too much time bouncing between windows to copy and paste external data into your Jira instance? Power Database Fields automates these manual admin tasks. Populate tables, search external databases and update issue tickets with live information without leaving Jira. 

Cross-Department Tricks from the Jira Automation Library

Many of the best automations already live in Jira. With the Jira automation template library, there’s never a need to start from scratch to begin using them. You can simply pull a task line-up as-is or make slight edits in the sandbox before adding them to your Jira experience. Plus, it’s all low-code, so you can easily add, remove, or reorder tasks in your what-you-see-is-what-get project automation editor. 

Atlassian offers tons of automation templates that you can easily add to your ecosystem. According to Jira, 9 out of 10 people who use their automation tools are not developers. Many Jira instances include marketers, finance pros, accountants, and HR reps. Check out how non-tech teams can get comfortable using Jira automations: 

  • Marketing campaigns: Some marketing initiatives like webinars or social media ad campaigns often rely on the same set of supporting tasks. Why recreate them each and every time? When marketing triggers a particular epic, this automation can immediately generate a cascade of stories that make sure tasks like web updates and design tickets land in the right hands. 
  • Automatically send work for approval: When you tick “complete” on a ticket, Jira can automatically route it to the right person for approval. Stay in the zone all day long without having to pop into Slack or your inbox to inform a supervisor or team member of ready work. 
  • Employee onboarding: A stellar employee retention rate starts on day one. HR execs can initiate a sequence of important tasks that distribute onboarding materials to new hires or remind IT of any pending tech needs they must resolve before a new employee’s first day. 

These popular automations help extend your Jira workflow efficiency to more members in your organization. 

Jira + Slack in the Jira automation library

Here are a few Slack automations in the library that Jira rockstars use to speed up their day: 

  • Daily Slack summary: Each day, Jira will automatically send a digest of issues still in the backlog to you or your team. Prioritize overdue issues and stay on top of those falling too far behind. 
  • SLA monitoring: Never fall out of step with your SLA agreements. If you use the Jira SLA feature, you can set up an automation that distributes a Slack alert whenever you’re in jeopardy of an SLA breach. 
  • Celebrate resolved issues: Keep everyone informed of completed tickets. When a user marks a ticket as resolved, the system sends an acknowledgment to everyone in a given Slack channel. It’s a great way to keep everyone on your team in the loop—and also hand out much-deserved kudos. 

Jira + Slack—it’s a great combo for Jira users looking to up their game in both automation and team collaboration. 

Using these five Jira automation tips and Atlassian tools, you’re well on your way to boosting efficiency and productivity amongst your team. Get in touch with our experts for help navigating Atlassian tools that help boost efficiency and workflow automation. 

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