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Display the Number of Test Cases Linked to Each Issue


You want to ensure your team is delivering the best software possible. This can’t be done without a proper QA process. But to get Jira to support test case management, you have to create the right workflow to help your software development process run smoothly. One very helpful automation to start with is to display...

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How do I auto-create a sub-task linked to a parent issue in Jira? 


How to Auto-Create Sub-Tasks Linked to Parent Issues in Jira As a project manager, you want to save time and have better tracking by automatically generating a linked sub-task each time you create a new task.  Why is this helpful? You can separate an issue into smaller sub-tasks that you can assign to various team...

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How Do I Validate the User Group of the Assignee?

Projects require many stakeholders to collaborate together. To make sure only the right people are marking tasks as done, you can automatically allow only specific groups in Jira to be able to edit an issue status.   Why is this helpful? Prevent the wrong user from toggling the issue status to run your project smoothly. Trigger...

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