Apps from Prometheus Exporters family provide endpoints to expose Atlassian applications metrics to Prometheus. It helps you to monitor your application health, diagnose anomalies in real-time, act quick without affecting production and get it all on one dashboard.

Monitoring web requests

Important metric provided by Prometheus Exporter for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket is web request monitoring. In this case Prometheus Exporter collects duration of web requests. Duration includes spent time of a web request on the server side. It does not include the time spent on the client and network connection.  This histogram metric is called confluence_request_duration_on_path for Confluence (jira_request_duration_on_path for Jira, bitbucket_request_duration_on_path for Bitbucket). Each metric has a label that provides the path, which was executed.

For example, it shows how long all requests to the /rest path took. 

confluence_request_duration_on_path_sum{path=”/rest”,} 11.873832757

Using a free version of Prometheus Exporter you are able to see how much time web requests took for each first level of a URL as all URLs are cut to the first level.

For example, let’s say we called http://localhost:2990/jira/rest/api/2/project. This URL http://localhost:2990/jira will be cut because it is the server address and the context and /rest/api/2/project will be left. Then only the first level will be taken which is /rest and set as a label for the metric. You can see that we can not figure out the exact REST APIs which were called, that is because all URLs of web requests are cut to the first level.

The same happens with all web requests. Let’s say a user went to cog item -> Manager Apps. In this case http://localhost:2990/jira/plugins/servlet/upm/marketplace/featured?source=side_nav_find_new_addons was called. Again we will cut http://localhost:2990/jira and /plugins/servlet/upm/marketplace/featured?source=side_nav_find_new_addons will be left. We will take the first level which is /plugins and set it as a label.

Superpower of Prometheus Exporters PRO

We are not going to stop the development of new features and improving Prometheus Exporter apps so that you will be able to cover more of your specific use cases. That’s why we’re excited to announce additional features in web request monitoring with Prometheus Exporters PRO. Now you are stronger, more flexible, and accurate in monitoring the health of your application. 

Prometheus Exporters PRO enables you:

  • to disable web request monitoring. It is a good thing to do if you do not want to monitor web requests. In this case, Jira will not spend time collecting metrics for web requests.
  • to track custom URLs. Now you are able to add your own custom URL to monitor.
  • to see metrics about default filters to monitor how much time default filters take and how many times users called them. You can add the asterisk signs at the start and at the end of the URL. The asterisk sign means any number of any symbols.

Please see more details here:

New features are available in Prometheus Exporter PRO for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Hope they will help you to analyze your instance in a more efficient way and stay safe. Enjoy!


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