It’s finally here!

We are beyond excited to release the long-awaited Conditions and Validators for Power Scripts for Jira Cloud! Take advantage of these new features to fine-tune your processes.


Conditions allow you to extend functionalities in your workflows. You’ll be able to write scripts that can check whether an issue meets the requirements before transitioning to the next step. Some common and popular use cases are:

  • Ensure only certain roles or groups are able to transition issues. The transition buttons will be hidden from all other groups/roles.
  • Subtasks or linked tasks must be completed before transitioning parent issue.
  • Issue can only be transitioned if custom fields have the correct values, have attachment(s), and “I like ice cream” is in the Description. Point is, you can cater the requirements to your business needs.

Cprime Apps Conditions for Cloud Power Scripts



Where Conditions are checks done on the issue before transitioning, Validators are checks done while an issue is transitioning. Since transitions can fail if the checks are not all met, you can write your own error message to help users pinpoint the cause.

  • Promote information completeness by requiring all custom fields filled out. These can be cascading-select fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, etc.
  • Similar to the use case in Conditions, you can require subtasks or linked tasks to be in a certain status before transitioning the parent issue.
  • Want more details provided on the issue? Make it so that the Description box must have content.

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