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Anova Apps – New Company Name. Same Great Products. Same Great Support.


  ? Important announcement! After months of hard work, we are excited to officially announce the launch of our new name, Anova Apps, and our website You may be asking: Why this new name? By transitioning from a Cprime subsidiary to our own separate entity, we will have the freedom to pursue new partnerships...

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How to Create a Report in Jira


How to Create a Report in Jira For project managers using Jira, Reports are one of the most powerful tools available.   Using in-depth visual aids, reports offer deep insight into the health and progress of the whole project.  When you need the right intel to analyze, manage, and track the progress of your operations—Jira...

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Jira Data Center vs. Cloud: Breaking down the Differences


Key Aspects of Jira Data Center Built for enterprise products that are autonomous or self-managing, Data Center is used to meet unique organizational needs for those that have flexibility in choices of infrastructure and controls.  Now you can modernize your IT infrastructure without compromising on security and control. Data Center is equipped with built-in features...

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The 5 Best Jira Plug-Ins for Workflow Automation 


Over three-quarters of companies are already deploying workflow automation initiatives and app purveyors are making sure you can bring the same efficiency-boosting strategy into Jira. There’s a treasure trove of Jira automation plug-ins that add a much-needed dose of efficiency to your Jira ecosystem. But with over 4,000 add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace, how do...

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Best Practices for Seamless Jira Integration with Salesforce


Launched almost 20 years ago (in 2002), Jira has become one of the most trusted and popular It project management and bug-detecting utilities.  Whether you have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of customer interactions per month, Jira is a great addition to your suite of integrations. Jira allows your teams to manage their workflow efficiently...

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Jira Reports: Custom Reporting & Automation Tips


Reporting in JIRA offers straightforward operations and success. It includes advancing knowledge of progress, health, and the overall status of JIRA projects through report pages, knowledge, and applications that are third party. Through reports, we get the data’s visual representation that depicts a better understating of what is happening in the service project. Reporting A...

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Meet Power Custom Fields in Jira Cloud


Welcome to Our New App!  As the role of Jira Cloud grows, we keep working on making your life here easier. We are especially excited to announce that Power Custom Fields app is now available on Jira Cloud! The name speaks for itself: Power Custom Fields app offers a suite of useful custom fields that...

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Prometheus Exporters PRO: Extended Monitoring Web Requests


Apps from Prometheus Exporters family provide endpoints to expose Atlassian applications metrics to Prometheus. It helps you to monitor your application health, diagnose anomalies in real-time, act quick without affecting production and get it all on one dashboard. Monitoring web requests Important metric provided by Prometheus Exporter for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket is web request...

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Anova Apps Acquires Nuum Solutions’ Atlassian Gaia Suite Apps


? Important announcement! We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Anova Apps’ solutions portfolio with the acquisition of Nuum Solutions’ suite of Atlassian apps, known as Gaia for Jira! We are beyond excited to meet new faces along with bringing new tools to our trusted and loyal customers.   What are the new...

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