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Anova Apps – New Company Name. Same Great Products. Same Great Support.


  ? Important announcement! After months of hard work, we are excited to officially announce the launch of our new name, Anova Apps, and our website You may be asking: Why this new name? By transitioning from a Cprime subsidiary to our own separate entity, we will have the freedom to pursue new partnerships...

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How to Export Issues in Jira


You use Jira issues every day. They’re how you and your team track the individual tasks you’re working on. Issues can represent a help desk ticket, a software bug, or an individual sliver of work that’s vital to a larger project.  As a project manager, there are often many reasons why you need to export...

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Electronic Signatures Available on Jira Cloud

Meet New Features in Electronic Signatures for Jira Cloud

Electronic Signatures app is the simplest way to sign and to protect your Jira Issues. We have hundreds of happy users who use the app in Jira Server/ Data Center and we are continuously working to build a strong tool for Jira Cloud as well. We have analyzed all requests from our customers and developed...

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Jira Epics: An Easy How-To Guide


As your organization grows, things naturally become more complicated. More staff, more projects, and more red tape weave into a more cumbersome environment. But as a software development team, you can’t let size slow you down. Many large organizations turn to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and top project management platforms like Jira to combat...

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How to Make the Most of Jira Logs


Tired of digging through your server to access logs? The newest version of Power Scripts for Jira makes debugging easier than ever. With a new in-built log viewer, Jira admins can finally save time by checking logs and writing scripts simultaneously.  This in-demand upgrade comes with SIL engine 4.1.3. No extra setup or installation required—just...

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The New and Improved Power Apps Interfaces!

The new version of the Power Apps ushers in a new era of interface improvements. Along with the myriad of improvements that comes with this release is a new interface platform designed to be able to handle more exciting new features. New and improved SIL Engine A brand new SIL Manager has been developed to...

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3 Top-Rated Atlassian Apps By Anova


Top development teams turn to Jira for the tools they need to simplify agile project management. The platform’s cross-cutting features help you better plan projects by creating user stories and issues, planning sprints, and distributing tasks across the entire team. But, many teams are missing out on powerful Anova apps from the Atlassian marketplace—and they’re...

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How to Create Powerful Custom Reports in Jira


Save Time with Custom Reports in Jira Product owners are very familiar with the old saying, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It’s easier said than done—creating Jira reports manually every month, week (or even day!) yoked to Excel can significantly sour overall productivity.  Jira is an incredible tool for project management...

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How to Create a Report in Jira


How to Create a Report in Jira For project managers using Jira, Reports are one of the most powerful tools available.   Using in-depth visual aids, reports offer deep insight into the health and progress of the whole project.  When you need the right intel to analyze, manage, and track the progress of your operations—Jira...

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Jira Data Center vs. Cloud: Breaking down the Differences


Key Aspects of Jira Data Center Built for enterprise products that are autonomous or self-managing, Data Center is used to meet unique organizational needs for those that have flexibility in choices of infrastructure and controls.  Now you can modernize your IT infrastructure without compromising on security and control. Data Center is equipped with built-in features...

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The 5 Best Jira Plug-Ins for Workflow Automation 


Over three-quarters of companies are already deploying workflow automation initiatives and app purveyors are making sure you can bring the same efficiency-boosting strategy into Jira. There’s a treasure trove of Jira automation plug-ins that add a much-needed dose of efficiency to your Jira ecosystem. But with over 4,000 add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace, how do...

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