Now You Can Easily Manage Jira Digital Signatures & FDA Regulation CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance

How was your summer? We would dare to say ours was super productive! Our highest priority is to keep users satisfied with their needs in terms of FDA regulation CFR 21 part 11 compliance and Jira issues safety. It is important that you feel secure and your Jira data is protected. That’s why we’re working hard to make Electronic Signatures more powerful and introduce you to new features that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

1. Electronic Signatures validator for multiple users

Verification of users and validation of electronic signatures are essential if your work is related to medical devices, pharmaceutics, drug administration, quality management system, or any other area where CFR part 11 applies.

Preventing unauthorized actions on Jira issues is the most valuable and crucial feature. We are proud of it because you like it. In the updated version, we are happy to give you more freedom and flexibility in the process of signing the tickets. The new workflow validator enables you to define who exactly must sign an issue to make a transition. Now, you are free to decide how many signatures and from which users are needed to move forward. For sure, you’re still able to use the Electronic Signatures validator for the current user, combine different validators and set up as many as your workflow needs.

Validator in Electronic Signatures for Jira

Electronic Signatures validator is a simple and robust tool to avoid unwanted actions with your Jira tickets. As digital signatures and electronic records are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records, using Electronic Signatures app is a good way to make user authentication, protect your issues in Jira, meet FDA regulatory requirements and get things done.


2. Request E-signatures by sending E-mail

When you expect something from other people, they deserve to know about it, didn’t they? That’s why the ES mail post function works perfectly with Electronic Signatures validator and was created to notify users that their signatures are required to make a transition. Just specify who (group of users), when (select transition) and what (write your own text) should receive the email, and we will do everything for you.

Add parameters to function

Setting up the post function is fairly simple and, by the way, allows you to notify any user of everything you want, at a time when the issue reaches the desired state. We hope we have convinced you why this is a completely useful feature! If you have any idea how to improve it more, feel free to reach out to us via the customer portal right now.


3. Visualize deprecated signatures

Have you ever used our “Revoke E-Signatures” post function which cleans signatures from workflow status? Hope you do as we have great news related to it. When you use a product, convenience is no less important than usefulness, right? We do our best to create an easy-to-use and intuitive app for you.

Sometimes you need to verify each step of the transition and ask users to sign an issue multiple times, for that Revoke E-Signatures post function is helpful. It enables you to clear signatures from the workflow not deleting any information under the dedicated E-Signatures tab. This means that your signature will be required again when you try to make the transition to a certain state. We’ve decided it’s a good idea to show active and inactive records differently so that do not confuse the users. Now, deprecated signatures are highlighted right in the Jira ticket and you can easily identify if you need to re-sign the issue to move on.

Depractated Signatures in Jira Digital Signatures

We hope this small improvement will help you to enjoy the Electronic Signatures app more and simplify your daily work!

4. E-Signatures fields

You asked and we did it! We’re glad to let you know that you’re now able to easily find and filter signed tickets in your Jira instance. In the updated version, the Electronic Signatures app includes 4 custom fields that show signatures information like who, when, with which meaning signed the issue and full signatures history of the ticket. This becomes extremely helpful in case you want to:

  • identify signed tickets
  • export Electronic Signatures information for many issues at once
  • find an issue that was signed by a specific user at a specific time period
  • quickly review Electronic Signatures history through your whole Jira instance and so on.

View of project search in electronic signatures for Jira

There is a variety of ways to know that issue was signed – you can see electronic records under the E-Signatures tab, in downloaded E-Signatures PDF certificate, dedicated Jira cloud glance panel, in issue comments, and on the Search issues screen.

We at Anova Apps are always open to customer inquiries and grateful for your honest feedback. Let’s keep in touch and feel free to share your suggestions for improvements or new features as it relates to Jira digital signatures.

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