Can I see Total Time in Status custom field in Confluence? You can now!

Issue History Collector provides the ability to show issue duration and to track how long the issue was worked on in terms of users or statuses in Jira tickets. So, as icing on the cake, we are happy to enhance your experience with the release of the calculated Total Time in Status custom field for Confluence. Starting with version 2.1.10 for Jira 8, this feature is available in both Jira Server and Data Center.


Why is it important?

In a nutshell, we are bridging the gaps between two powerful software to simplify your work.

Without the updated version of Issue History Collector and this new feature, you cannot:

  • Go via a link to Jira tickets from Confluence each time when you want to check the issue duration.
  • Configure issue search and columns displaying each time manually to see issue time in the state.
  • Spend time and consolidate manually information from different projects.

The recipe for the elimination of all these problems is pretty easy: one Confluence page, one Jira Issue macro, and the Issue History Collector plugin.

Connect Confluence and Jira

In case you did not know, Confluence is a workspace that connects people to the ideas and information they need to build momentum and do their best work. It helps create, manage, and collaborate on anything from product launch plans to marketing campaigns. Jira can be helpful to display information from Jira tickets on a Confluence page for team meetings, project status updates, release notes, customer communications, sharing updates, etc.

Before you can use this macro, your Confluence and Jira applications must be connected via Application Links. People viewing the page will see the publicly accessible issues from the Jira site. If your Jira site has restricted viewing (that is, people need permission to view issues) then they will need to authenticate before seeing the restricted issues. See Use Jira applications and Confluence together for more information.


A quick example of how it looks and how to get it done

To add the Jira macro to a page and see your configured Total Time in Status fields:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert → Jira Issue/ Filter (if it is absent in the dropdown list, go to Other Macros and choose Jira from the Development category).
  2.  Enter a filter or search for a Jira issue and select necessary columns on the ‘Display options’ section.
  3. You can then publish your page to see the macro in action.

‘The time format displays the same way as in the Jira ticket. See how you may configure it here. Use the ‘Refresh‘ button under the table to always see actual information, and enjoy!


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