Welcome to Our New App! 

As the role of Jira Cloud grows, we keep working on making your life here easier. We are especially excited to announce that Power Custom Fields app is now available on Jira Cloud!

The name speaks for itself: Power Custom Fields app offers a suite of useful custom fields that improves the user experience and allows you to customize Jira to better suit your needs. 

With our new app, Jira users get the superpower to work efficiently without the time-draining manual calculation of indicators and fields. You will definitely want to read on to see how this app will forever change how you use Jira Cloud.

We do the legwork and calculate everything for you!

Customer feedback powers us to develop these exciting tools—so keep it coming! We listened and analyzed customers’ needs and wishes and found that history scroll, needing to count the tickets under each Epic, sum the Story Points, and find un-sized issues is really time-consuming and annoying. 

It requires a lot of preparatory work for you to analyze how your team works, find pesky bottlenecks, assess how much time you spend on each ticket, and so on. Even if some information is available natively, we agree that finding the right information when you needed it was not always easy.

That’s why Power Custom Fields should be part of every Jira instance and every Jira ticket. Power Custom Fields are a set of pre-defined calculated fields which you can add to your Issue immediately and use them to extend the useful life of data inside Jira.

What Power Custom Fields are available?

The Jira Cloud version of the Power Custom Fields app is a bit different from the Data Center version, but still a powerhouse that gets the job done. How? 

With this initial version of the app, we are excited to introduce 10 new calculated custom fields. 

  • These Power Custom Fields will make your Epic Issue stronger than ever and help you enjoy quick and easy reporting: 
    • Number of Stories
    • Un-sized Issues
    • Sum of Story Points
    • Completed Story Points
    • Completed Issues by Percentage

  • These fields will help you avoid history scrolling in each ticket. They’re available for all the Issue types: 
    • Modified By
    • Previous Assignee
    • Time in Previous Status

  • You can also see information about the Parent issue right in the Subtask ticket:
    • Parent Status
    • Parent Field Value

We’re not gonna stop here—we’re already hard at work on working on the next enhancements!

Last but not least…

This app is certainly a powerful addition to the toolset of any Jira administrator, consultant, or business user. In a nutshell, here’s how Power Custom Fields for Jira Cloud can change how you use Jira: 

  • Get immediate and accurate calculation of indicators
  • Enjoy a simple and easy set of configurations
  • Make it easy: You can access basic functionalities without the need for any scripts
  • Quickly find what you need: All fields are searchable and you can use them for JQL, better view, and export Issues statistics
  • Gain flexible and customizable displaying fields in an Issue view
  • …and it’s easy on the budget!

You can find full information about Power Custom Fields in our User Guide. Questions? Wishes? Reach out to our support team, your feedback helps us make the best tools for you!

Enjoy and let’s keep in touch!

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