Electronic Signatures app is the simplest way to sign and to protect your Jira Issues. We have hundreds of happy users who use the app in Jira Server/ Data Center and we are continuously working to build a strong tool for Jira Cloud as well.

We have analyzed all requests from our customers and developed the most exciting features to meet customer needs including signing tickets, covering more use cases and improving user experience in the app. Users can build in electronic signatures compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 into the workflow with the possibility to validate use cases such as credentials. It also prevents unauthorized actions on Jira issues by using an E-signature validator and post function.

Print E-Signatures Certificate

The option is usually required by each Electronic Signatures user. Generating and exporting the E-Signatures Certificate confirms electronic signatures are trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records.

Usually, customers who use Electronic Signatures in their workflow, do this due to some internal or external rules. Often regulators or government agencies may require confirmation of some of your actions in a documented form. That’s why we were working on simplifying this task for you as much as possible from our side.


Electronic Signatures Certificate


The latest update of the app provides an ability to generate and download a PDF file with main Issue fields (Issue Key, Summary, Description, Assignee) and full Electronic Signatures history per one click.

This feature is available to any user who has the right to view the project. No manual corrections or actions with E-certificate are required. The document replicates the E-Signatures tab you can see in the ticket, so no information will be lost. Now you can easily print and share the E-Signatures Certificate with stakeholders.

Electronic Signatures is available on all three Jira platforms. The monthly subscription fee varies from hosting to hosting option. Feel free to find out more about all advantages of the Electronic Signatures app on the documentation page. We welcome you to enjoy the new features and share your feedback with us!

Meaning of E-Signatures

Each company has its own structure, working processes, and rules. That’s why we’ve decided not to limit your actions in terms of the purpose and definition of signing an issue. With the updated version of the app, the field “Meaning”, using during signing an issue, becomes visible under the Electronic Signatures tab and on the E-Signatures Certificate.

The field stores up to 250 characters, which means you can specify an explanation of your signature as you wish or as required by your company’s policies. You still will be able to see the default meaning “Approval”, but have the ability to edit it according to your personal needs.

You can also use E-signatures on transitions. Whether it is a ticket transition, bulk transition, or tickets creation in Jira Service Desk, E-Signatures enable you to have powerful access over transitions. Custom fields such as Logged user Validation (Password validation of current user) and User Validator Field(Credentials validation of system) are added for signing tickets. Life is full of details, so we hope this slight improvement will make your work more convenient, and signing an issue more transparent and informative.

If you have any questions, contact the Anova Apps Products team at products@anovaapps.com, or please visit our Service Desk to request support, report a bug, or suggest a feature.

You can also navigate to existing Q&A in Atlassian’s application page to get the answers to frequently asked questions or connect with Atlassian-hosted discussion forum to ask questions to the open-source community who are already using this tool. Surf through our reviews section to get the latest feedback of people who are amazed by using Electronic Signature or write a review if you have already used it.

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