Cprime has had some great customer feedback since the launch of its newest offering, Health Reports for Jira, a comprehensive health check which helps uncover underlying issues affecting your Jira instance or team productivity. The report provides an instant pulse check on custom issues that are important to that specific business then pinpoints any problem areas and links users to helpful documentation with steps to easily resolve these issues and clear any roadblocks identified.


Find Out if You Have These Common Jira Issues:

Through monitoring your Development team:

– Orphaned Issues
– Aging Issues > 90 Days
– Unestimated issues

Through monitoring your Jira instance:

– Cluster Locks
– Free Space
– End of Life

Customer Spotlight – Health Care Industry

Recently, we sat down with one of our clients from the Health Care industry (HC) to hear first hand what they had to say about their experience with Health Reports:

Cprime Apps: What drew you to Health Reports for Jira? Why did you decide you needed to do this?
HC: I attended a webinar and loved the presentation.  Once I saw the output knew it was something to include as a monthly practice to examine the overall health of my projects.

Cprime Apps: What information were you hoping to find through the Health Reports?
HC: As an administrator, my days are spent handling tickets and focusing on the system itself, so, I was hoping to see a concise overall picture of how the teams were performing.

Cprime Apps: How easy was the process to install the reports, did you add any customization?

HC: It was very easy to install and the directions were spot on.  The only customization was the “advanced installation” section, adding a database connection back to the Jira database to get the right information for a full System Health check.

Cprime Apps: How soon did you get the results?

HC: Immediately.  I LOVE the way in which I can copy and paste the html output. This made it so easy for me to prepare reports for upper management to see the progress of our projects.

Cprime Apps: What sort of issues did Health Reports highlight for you?

HC: I was happy to see the system was overall in a good state, but, saw how Releases were an immediate concern as we had several that were still in the “unreleased” state that should’ve been released.  Once corrected, we were immediately able to create new reports.

Cprime Apps: How did you fix these issues?

HC: I started working with the teams and remedied the versioning problems we were seeing.

Cprime Apps: What was the outcome after using Health Reports? How did things improve after using Health Reports?

HC: It’s now a monthly practice to bring up at the Scrum meetings and a great tool for finding any areas of concern.  Very happy to have this!

Click here to see a sample health report. To find out what our Doctors would prescribe for your Jira, send an email to subject line: Health Reports. Our health reports are complimentary for all Cprime clients, so don’t miss this great opportunity!

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