Atlassian has announced they are planning to release Jira 8.0 which will contain many breaking changes as well as other end-user enhancements.


Breaking Changes Means Disruption to Your Plugins!

Some plugins will not be compatible with Jira 8.0 so it’s important that you don’t upgrade prematurely so you can ensure your business will keep running as smoothly. Some of the changes implemented include the Lucene library upgrade, End of support for PostgreSQL 9.3, End of support for MySQL 5.5, End of support for com.atlassian.fugue (Jira Service Desk) and many more. For a full list of changes, click here.


What are the Risks if Your Plugins are Incompatible?

Upgrading to Jira 8.0 when your plugins are incompatible will severely impact operations and your ability to conduct business as usual. The incompatibility will cause your plugins and associated functionality to stop working causing things like:

  • Data loss
  • Miscalculated data
  • Blocked operations
  • Inability to view certain fields/ screens/ reports etc

It’s important for you not to upgrade your Jira to v8 unless ALL plugins that you are using are compatible with it.


We’re Busy Preparing for the Launch

Our developers at Cprime Apps have already been working to ensure our products will have feature parity with Jira 8.0 by reviewing the early access program milestones released by Atlassian.  As Atlassian has not specified a definite release date for Jira 8.0, many apps may not be compatible the moment that Jira 8.0 is released so it would be wise to postpone the upgrade for a little while. Cprime is working hard to prepare for the Jira 8.0 release and will be rolling out compatible versions of our apps shortly after its release, so stay tuned!

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