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October’s wrapping up, and we’re dying to share all of our treats with you. Don’t worry. No tricks here. See our newest apps – Power Dashboard Gadgets and Reports and Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher, Power Custom Fields® PRO bites the dust, Surveys for Cloud is brewing, and what’s going on with you and your Jira instance? Enter if you dare…


Dashboard Reports are a ghoul’s best friend

Power Dashboards, Reports, and Gadgets lets you create graphically compelling reports on your Jira dashboard by using the full power of the SIL® language. Any data you want can be collected – from your Jira instance, an external Jira instance, an external database, a 3rd party system – basically anywhere! Then, SIL® performs complex calculations to create dazzling reports and visualizations directly on your Jira dashboard. Start your free trial, and show off that bling!





Is tackling 1 of the top 10 Jira Service Desk requests witchful thinking?

Not when you solve it. If you have knowledge base articles charted across several Confluence spaces, maybe this sounds familiar:

  • You love the structures of your spaces, BUT your users are missing out on vital information because of search limitations.
  • Multiple Confluence spaces, all rich in content, have to be narrowed down to one so you can link it with your Service Desk portal because of documentation specifics.

Saddle up that broom and use our new app Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher which bridges the gap to compile search results from several Confluence spaces into 1 Jira Service Desk support portal. Click below to see how it works, and wait for its’ release date!





For all you ScriptRunner users…

If using ScriptRunner makes you feel like that one time your friend dragged you to see the new scary movie in theaters… you know… where you had to pay to watch everyone run terribly, and be puzzled by the huge plot holes? Then afterward you’re left to reflect on your life choices that have led you to be friends with this person, and that it was all a huge waste of time.

We get it. We’ve been there.

Click to see how we run circles around ScriptRunner, and don’t forget to try out our new SIL® Groovy Connector that’s compliant with groovy scripts to run in the SIL® Manager.





RIP Power Custom Fields® PRO

Power Custom Fields® PRO will be laid to rest on the Marketplace on December 1, 2019. If you or your clients have active licenses, you’re eligible for prorated discounts to upgrade to Power Custom Fields®. Click the button to email us with the subject line: PCF PRO DISCOUNT.

For any migration questions, see here. If you have any problems, please reach out to our Service Desk.





Is your Jira instance ghosting you?

Remember when you downloaded a handful of apps to try to fix that one issue? You found the right one to get the job done (probably Power Scripts®), but maybe you forgot to uninstall the others. What did you even download again? What were they called? Shoot…

Over time your instance takes its time to respond to you. It’s becoming cold and distant. After a while, you’ve both stopped communicating. Break the silence. Be the bigger person. Install Health Reports for Jira. It easily identifies dead weight, and helps fix health issues that lie undetected. Uncover common issues such as Custom Field Usage, Add-on Audit, Jira Statistic Information, etc.

See the newest release of features here. You can also watch our 3-part webinar for an in-depth view of how it works. OR if you’re ready to go, see how to install now!





Look into the crystal ball…

We see in your future that the most configurable survey app on the market, adored on both Server and Data Center, is coming to Cloud! You’ll be very excited to use Surveys for Jira Cloud for its enhanced functionalities like custom questions, versatile configurability options, and more. Stay tuned and be ready to make a real connection!

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