Stronger than ever

We are happy to announce v3.0 of Electronic Signature Fields – the app that enables you to check user credentials according to technical elements of 21 CFR Part 11 that define the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records. And it is now stronger than ever with the new ESF Issue Validator.

Electronic Signature Fields

Why is this important and what are the benefits

By using the new Electronic Signature Fields you can:

  • Request several signatures at one time
  • Notify the users about the need to provide signatures on the Issues
  • Prevents unauthorized Issue transitions

How does the feature work

Requiring electronic signatures from a specific user(s) or group

To request signatures from the specific user(s) or group you need to set up the validator. Validators check that any input made to the transition is valid before the transition is performed. Input can include that gathered from the user on the transition’s screen.

If a validator fails, the issue does not progress to the destination status of the transition, and the transition’s post functions are not executed.

Now, let’s see the ESF Issue Validator in action. The use case is as a Jira admin I want the issue to be signed by Mirey Matie so that it can be moved from To Do to In Progress.

To do so, perform the following steps:

Adding a validator to a transition

  1. Select  > Issues.
  2. Click Workflows and then Edit for the relevant workflow.
  3. In diagram mode, select the transition arrow. In text mode, select the transition’s name from the Transitions (id) column.
  4. In diagram mode, click Validators in the properties panel to show the triggers configured for the transition. In text mode, select the Validators tab. *Make sure you’ve added the Electronic Signature custom fields to your Workflow screen.

    Adding a validator to a transition Cprime Apps

  5. Click Add validator, select ESF Issue Validator from the available validators
    Administration view in Jira
  6. Set the necessary parameters for the ESF Issue Validator and click Add.

Administration for Jira

Don’t forget to publish your new workflow and you’re all set.  The issue now has to be signed by Mirey Matie so that it can be moved to In Progress.

Changing the Issue Status

  1. Select the Issue and try to move it to the appropriate status – In Progress. The following screen appears.
    In Progress screen
  2. Enter the password as a Jira admin and click In Progress. Now, you see the message that the signature from Mirey Matie is expected.
    Enter the password as a Jira admin and click In Progress
  3. When trying to change the status the email is sent to Mirey Matie, asking to sign the ticket.
    Approve status change
  4. Once the Issue is signed by the user Mirey Matie the Issue status is successfully changed.


And that’s it

Now you can see how Electronic Signature Field Validator prevents unauthorized transitions.

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