That dreaded feeling that your manager’s going to keep asking why the task has been sitting in 
In progress for far too long. But it’s the Monday after the long weekend, and it’s a holiday, and it’s technically not even past SLA. 

Yet, the Jira numbers are there, and it takes time to explain. Then it’s difficult to filter out those hours that shouldn’t be counted. Plus, isn’t hours of manual messaging a misdirection of energy and time that could be used towards building new, and better products?

Issue History Collector has helped countless 24/7 help desk teams track their custom ticket age, and see who worked on which tickets, for how long, and which statuses took the most time. Now it’s time that we help those teams who don’t work 24/7, who only want to count specific hours without having to move the ticket to On hold or make any other changes in their workflow.




With Issue History Collector, you eliminate wasted time by using the versatile and simple parameters to set up specific calendars for your teams.

You can:

  • Specify custom working hours for each weekday
  • Set team weekends
  • Set the time zone so that there’s no confusion across the globe
  • Specify holidays or irregular days / paid time off for your team
  • Customize this setting separately for each team

And to put a cherry on top of this delicious time-saving sundae, none of these settings will disrupt the Jira Service Desk calendar that may be set up for other teams in your system. Thus, you get the flexibility you need, you get the correct data, and you don’t interfere with other teams throughout your org.




Calendar configuration is easy, and self-explanatory. You can set up a single calendar to be applied to all projects configured for Issue History Collector, or specify custom working hours for each such project individually.


You can also set up custom holidays for each team separately, so for example that your team in India won’t get odd hours because of a holiday that your team in the USA is celebrating.


So, are you ready to get time back on your side? Get started here!

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