As any good business owner would know, customer satisfaction is key to growing your business. However, customer satisfaction doesn’t always have to stem from providing a smooth and enjoyable service without any hiccups (though this would definitely be the ideal state!) Customer satisfaction is also about how quickly you are able to turn a negative experience into a positive one and fix a customer’s problem.

A great customer experience and high customer satisfaction are key in obtaining a good Net Promoter Score (or NPS as it’s commonly referred to), an often-used metric to determine if your customers are planning to boast about your business and generate a lot of loyal customers or tell everyone and their dog about how terrible your service is and why they should avoid it at all costs.

Surveys for Jira introduces a host of new features to make it easier to ask customers for customer feedback, collect survey responses on customer experience and obtain a general health check to gain insight into how effectively your company is solving its customers’ issues and problems.



New Features for Better Personalization

Reporter placeholder is more user-friendly

Now when you use a placeholder for the reporter, their name appears, not their login details. So, now your customers will receive emails starting with their names (eg. Hi NatalieMax…) instead of their logins (eg. Hi…) which greatly improves the readability and personalization of your emails.


You Can Now Select a Specific Email Address to Reply to

This feature was inspired by user requests. We have included a new feature where you can now choose the email address that customers reply to, as a way of easily tracking comments. Currently, when a user sends out a survey email, they are not able to prescribe what email address is shown as the sender (because Jira overrides it and puts its service email), however, we found a workaround. In your survey configuration, you can select a specific email address where customer responses will be sent.

If this setting is selected in the survey Content tab it works like this:

The customer creates a ticket in support portal. The support agent resolves the ticket. The survey plugin is configured for this project, so when a support agent resolves a ticket, a survey email is sent to the customer (reporter). The customer receives an email with the survey, fills out questions in the survey, puts their rating there, and closes it. Later on, if the customer remembers something and they want to reply to that survey email with some additional comment/feedback/question so that support agent can work on it, they won’t be able to do this by filling out another survey, but unlike before, they can reply to the survey email, and the email they send will be going to the email address you indicate in the survey settings, thus allowing your customers to reach out  to you again easily if they need to.


Avoid Duplication! Send Survey Only Once Per Issue

After resolving a ticket, you can now limit the survey sending to only once per ticket. This ensures that after you close a ticket and the customer is sent a survey for feedback if the customer comments in your ticket with something trivial like “Thanks buddy!” and re-opens the ticket accidentally, another survey is not mistakenly sent to the customer. This will result in a cleaner inbox and happier customers!

Public docs for this: SSD 3.0 – Creating a Custom Survey#CreatingaCustomSurvey-Sendsurveyonceperissue


Enhancements for Better Reporting and Admin

More custom fields to view in your reports

Previously, in the survey reports configuration, you could choose an additional Jira custom field to be shown only in the Average Rating and Custom Question Report reports so that you had one more column in your report to view more data. For example below, we have added the Product column as an extra custom field:

Starting with v3.1.0 you can

  • add an additional custom field to the Date Report on User Usage report (in addition to the Average Rating and Custom Question reports that already had this possibility)
  • in addition to Jira custom fields, you can select global single select custom fields that you set up. This setting will be applied to all three mentioned reports. Adding additional custom fields enables you to add an extra layer of information that you can use for additional filtering by custom fields for more flexible reporting.

Public docs for this: SSD 3.0 – Configuring Surveys for Jire#ConfiguringSurveysforServiceDesk-Configuringsurveyreports

Our newest version of Surveys for Jira has also squashed a few bugs and is verified as compatible with the latest version of Jira. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, Surveys for Jira is the perfect way to monitor your customers’ satisfaction levels and act fast before it’s too late! Try our 30 day free trial today! 


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