Confluence auto-archiving is here!

Watch how easy it is for Comala Workflows users to archive documents automatically with the new Power Scripts™ for Confluence integration with Jira.


Here’s Auto-Archiving Process with Comala Workflows + Power Scripts™ for Jira & Confluence integration:

1. Ensure you have Comala Workflows installed on your Confluence instance
2. Download the free Power Scripts™ for Confluence app & run the pre-built script
3. Once you have set a document in the ‘obsolete’ or ‘archived’ state, the document will automatically be archived

*note: if you download Comala Workflows after downloading Power Scripts™ for Confluence, you’ll need to restart your Confluence instance to sync the two apps


Want to see what else Power Scripts™ for Confluence can do? Check out our quick Jira and Confluence integration tutorials and knowledge base.

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