Connecting database sources through Jira



You have a data problem! Your teams are working fast in Jira but are dependent on other critical data that is scattered across your other external databases and sources. This disconnected data dimension is still critical to providing the context in your workflow.  Unfortunately, this data lives outside of Jira, dormant and accumulating dust.

Just think, if you could import all your historical data in a way that provides a big-picture view, it could, in theory, simplify your workflow and centralize all your data in one master system, Jira.  At some point, you know you will need to undertake this project in order to unify all this distributed context and import it into Jira so that you can integrate it up with your workflow.


your team is getting increasingly bogged down with manual data entry that they have resorted to linking data manually across all systems as a temporary solution. In addition, your organization continues to acquire new companies and new capabilities and you are realizing that all this historical information now must be unified, available and selectable from Jira itself. After all, this is the system that defines the organization’s critical path.

As the Jira Admin, you hear the standard complaints across your functional groups starting to bubble up. They are struggling with having to choose your own adventure and hunt through 5+ reports in order to link the context back to Jira. Many of your users are tired and burned out and many have resorted to the old tried and true, cut, copy and paste method of madness.  We all know that their pain is slowly channeled at you considering, you’re the Jira Administrator, and the ownership falls on your shoulders to sort out solutions and implement them.

As you think about how to solve this problem and all the various use cases, the solution that makes sense is one that includes some form of automation. You know you must find a way to connect your external databases with Jira so that you can select all that metadata while inside of Jira. Finally, you have high hopes of simplifying your workflow in the process for all users in a universal catch-all solution that allows any role the same ability to select external source data from inside a Jira ticket.



The new Power Scripts™ for Jira Cloud release allows you to connect, configure and unify all your external data sources so that you can import data directly into Jira. Stop all that manual data entry and instead make your data a part of your workflow and issues.

power scripts cloud connect to external data sources
We have updated the Datasources page so that now you can add the JDBC drivers directly from the UI. To add a new JDBC Driver, click the Choose File button, select your driver and then click Upload. The updated driver appears on the page.

The new Power Scripts for Jira Cloud release allows you to connect, configure and unify all your external data sources



  • Import product-level data from salesforce into your Jira system
  • Run your asset management process through Jira
  • Pull data from SQL and MySQL data sources and import them into Jira



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jira integrated with external databases

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