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The New and Improved Power Apps Interfaces!


The new version of the Power Apps ushers in a new era of interface improvements. Along with the myriad of improvements that comes with this release is a new interface platform designed to be able to handle more exciting new features. New and improved SIL Engine A brand new SIL Manager has been developed to...

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React and Atlaskit in Atlassian Server & Data Center apps


Hello! Alexey Matveev here. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to use React and Atlaskit in Atlassian Server and Data Center apps. Currently, if you develop an app for Atlassian Server/Data Center, your only options for building out of the box UI are vm, soy, requirejs, jquery, backbone. You can read this article on the out of the box...

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Let’s talk how to configure Portainer and Prometheus in containers


Hello! Alexey Matveev here. In this article, I’ll be showing you how Portainer and Prometheus work together using docker containers. Here is our file structure after we have created all files from this article: - /home/user/docker docker-compose.yml - data - prometheus - config prometheus.yml rules.yml - alertmanager - config alertmanager.yml Files for Prometheus Our Prometheus...

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