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Creating Jira Tables: User Guide & Tips


Jira is brimming with powerful data, often hidden inside Jira issues. Trying to explain, display, or share this data through a long list or by hopping between multiple tickets or databases can feel challenging. We ease the cognitive load and help our brains understand high volumes of data through visual tables.  Tables make it far...

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How To Easily Customize Jira Control Charts


A Control Chart can help your team better plan your delivery pipeline. As a Jira user, you can use this handy chart to map time spent on a product, version, or sprint for comparison against historical performance.  Control Charts can help answer important Jira project management questions like:  Are you consistently able to deliver on...

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How to Export Issues in Jira


You use Jira issues every day. They’re how you and your team track the individual tasks you’re working on. Issues can represent a help desk ticket, a software bug, or an individual sliver of work that’s vital to a larger project.  As a project manager, there are often many reasons why you need to export...

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Electronic Signatures Available on Jira Cloud

Meet New Features in Electronic Signatures for Jira Cloud

Electronic Signatures app is the simplest way to sign and to protect your Jira Issues. We have hundreds of happy users who use the app in Jira Server/ Data Center and we are continuously working to build a strong tool for Jira Cloud as well. We have analyzed all requests from our customers and developed...

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How to Make the Most of Jira Logs


Tired of digging through your server to access logs? The newest version of Power Scripts for Jira makes debugging easier than ever. With a new in-built log viewer, Jira admins can finally save time by checking logs and writing scripts simultaneously.  This in-demand upgrade comes with SIL engine 4.1.3. No extra setup or installation required—just...

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Feature comparisons on Data Center & Server vs. Cloud for Surveys for Jira


In case you haven’t heard, Atlassian recently announced that they’re accelerating the journey to Cloud with the end of life plan for Server. To help you best strategize your product transitions to Cloud, we want to familiarize you with the feature similarities and differences for Surveys for Jira.   FEATURE SERVER / DC CLOUD NOTES...

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How to configure key features of Issue History Collector


Starting with v2.1.0 we have completely overhauled the app settings in Issue History Collector, and now everything is conveniently organized on a single Configuration page which now also includes setting for the working hours of your team. This article describes how to configure Issue History Collector so that you can: View ticket statistics in the...

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