Electronic Signatures Available on Jira Cloud

Enjoy New Incredible Features in Electronic Signatures for Jira Cloud


Table of Contents Electronic Signatures validator for multiple users Request E-signatures by sending E-mail Visualize deprecated signatures E-Signatures fields Now You Can Easily Manage Jira Digital Signatures & FDA Regulation CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance How was your summer? We would dare to say ours was super productive! Our highest priority is to keep users...

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How to Configure Jira Hierarchy


Behind every successful product launch is a legion of software developers working through a very detailed plan. If you’re not using a platform like Jira, tracking progress between dozens of departments and scores of staff is mind-boggling work. To make things easier, Jira offers several methods for organizing your project’s hierarchy.  Here, we’ll start with...

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5 Jira Dashboard Examples & How to Set Them Up


Looking for Jira Dashboard examples to streamline your workflows? You’ve come to the right place! When you log in to Jira, your dashboard is the first thing you see. Think of it as a homepage for your Jira instance, offering up high-level information at a glance. It’s your central HQ, the flight deck of your...

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Tips for Seamless Jira & Confluence Integration


Dig into a successful software project, and you’ll find thousands of hours of meeting minutes, pages upon pages of documentation, marketing plans, design specs, sales reports, and more. The larger the project, it becomes increasingly challenging for teams to not only keep track of this essential trove of content—but to ensure it’s readily available at...

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How to View Previous Sprints in Jira


At your daily scrum meeting, your boss asks to talk with you offline about how the current sprint’s team assignments differ from past sprints. Fortunately, you don’t need to feel intimidated by the question. We’re here to guide you on how to view previous and closed sprints in Jira using Agile or Rapid Boards.  There...

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JQL: Your Guide to Advanced Searches in Jira 


How much valuable time does your team lose each week sifting through Jira for that one piece of must-have information? It’s probably more than you think. In fact, the management advisors at McKinsey found that employees spend almost two hours per day searching for information. Fortunately, using advanced searches, you can use JQL to dramatically...

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Structure Power Scripts

Creating Jira Tables: User Guide & Tips


Jira is brimming with powerful data, often hidden inside Jira issues. Trying to explain, display, or share this data through a long list or by hopping between multiple tickets or databases can feel challenging. We ease the cognitive load and help our brains understand high volumes of data through visual tables.  Tables make it far...

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How To Easily Customize Jira Control Charts


A Control Chart can help your team better plan your delivery pipeline. As a Jira user, you can use this handy chart to map time spent on a product, version, or sprint for comparison against historical performance.  Control Charts can help answer important Jira project management questions like:  Are you consistently able to deliver on...

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How to Export Issues in Jira


You use Jira issues every day. They’re how you and your team track the individual tasks you’re working on. Issues can represent a help desk ticket, a software bug, or an individual sliver of work that’s vital to a larger project.  As a project manager, there are often many reasons why you need to export...

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Electronic Signatures Available on Jira Cloud

Meet New Features in Electronic Signatures for Jira Cloud

Electronic Signatures app is the simplest way to sign and to protect your Jira Issues. We have hundreds of happy users who use the app in Jira Server/ Data Center and we are continuously working to build a strong tool for Jira Cloud as well. We have analyzed all requests from our customers and developed...

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