There you are, leaning back in your chair satisfied with the changes you’ve made.

  • The Power Scripts SIL® scripts are done and behaving the way they should. Beautiful.
  • The workflows and custom fields have been adjusted to meet the requirements. Perfection.

Time to test…because you know, you need to see these changes in action outside of your development instance.


While you may have only 2-3 scripts to move, you have to set the CRON jobs and listeners and schedulers and…sigh…

And now you have to configure the workflows and statuses. Then you move onto the custom fields and set those to the right screen. Okay, now that you have everything into the test instance, it’s time to wait for the team to do their validation. After you get the green light to deploy to production, you have to once again move the SIL® scripts and configure the prod instance accordingly.

Configuration Manager + Power Scripts angry gif

Six months later, you get a notice that the company is going to migrate Jira to a new server and a new database (WHY!?). Time to do this all over again…*Weeps with full-blown sadness

A few weeks later, someone accidentally blows up Jira and all the data gets deleted. At this point, you’re pulling your hair out in complete frustration. 6 months of work down the drain and you have to yet again redo all the configurations once the new Jira instance is stood up. But wait. There’s more. But you’ll also have to rewrite the SIL® scripts plus the smaller code modifications added over time.


Botron’s Configuration Manager can simplify this entire process! Since Power Scripts™ for Jira is now fully integrated with Configuration Manager, SIL® scripts will be included in any snapshots you take when you migrate changes and/or entire instances. What would have taken hours or days to complete can now be done in a few clicks! *Weeps with joy

Configuration Manager + Power ScriptsYou may be thinking that you’re safe from data wipes by taking regular Jira backups. However, you may not be aware that the add-on settings/data are not stored in those backups. However, the Configuration Manager does store them. This means you’ll be able to roll back to a previous version and the scripts themselves will be restored!

Check out Botron’s Configuration Manager and Anova Apps’s Power Scripts™ for Jira.

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