You don’t always have time to tinker and toy with your settings to set up a new Jira project. Sometimes, you need to get down to business—and fast. Fortunately, you don’t need to start from scratch: you can pick up one of these preloaded Jira templates and start working ASAP. 

Examples of Jira template types that Jira pros find most useful:

  • Process templates: This style of template overhauls your project look and feel. It comes with features, layouts, even fresh issue type and workflow status labels, all tailored to a specific industry or department. Depending on the Jira Cloud products you own, you can pick from templates optimal for processes like new employee onboarding, customer service management, and more. 
  • Framework templates: Do your teams run on a specific methodology like Kanban or Scrum? These templates are ready-to-go with the preferred views, issue types, and reporting and analysis features to suit your desired structure. 
  • Situation-based templates: Some templates include a handpicked array of Jira features that focus on getting a specific type of job done. Instead of going through the painstaking process of rearranging your workflow, you can pick up a pre-existing template that puts the best practices for that situation front and center. Planning a year-end holiday party? Try out the event planning template, packed with budget tracking and calendar views to help you get ready for the big day. There are tons of popular options like templates for planning email campaigns or web design launches. 
  • Export templates: Sometimes, you need information related to your Jira issues exported into other formats like PDF. These are handy for both compliance records and sharing project statuses with team members and shareholders that are not daily Jira users. 

Here are five specific Jira templates that make work easier.

  • Easy PDF Word Issue Templates

Easy PDF Word Issue Templates helps you configure a template for seamless ticket export to PDF or DOCX. With dozens of variables to pick from, you can easily populate a PDF or Word doc with content from any Jira issue. Set up your export template once; Jira will automatically fill the document with the right data and then prepare it for download. 

  • Kanban Template 

Kanban fans agree: this template is the easiest plug-and-play way used to visualize project tracking in Jira. Pick this template when creating a new project, and you’ll be ushered into a Kanban paradise, featuring a board ready-to-go with columns and swimlanes. At your fingertips, you’ll find cumulative flow diagrams, control charts, and other agile reporting tools most needed by Kanban loyalists. 

  • Scrum Template 

Sprint planning! Front-and-center backlog! If you’re a scrum enthusiast, the Jira scrum template is for you. This template helps users break large and complex projects into a manageable workflow. You’ll also have all the issue types you need: scrum templates include epic, task, story, and sub-task. Easily prioritize backlog work without losing sight of the holistic project roadmap. 

  • Content Management Template 

Do you manage a team responsible for delivering rockstar content? The content management template helps in managing the lifecycle of content from ideation to delivery. Projects start in the “to-do” column, migrating through brainstorming, drafting, and reviews all the way through “published.” It’s ideal for marketing, sales, and HR teams tasked with creatives like blogs, presentations, and brochures.

  • General Service Management Template 

Deliver an all-star employee experience using the general service management template. This one helps manage internal service requests by giving employees a central location to ask for help with IT problems, conference room bookings, equipment requests, and more. You can track every question and ticket while monitoring how quickly you’re able to address issues. Link it up with your Confluence knowledge base so employees can find answers to common FAQs. 

Find the best Jira template for you! 

Templates are just one of the powerful ways you can customize Jira to fit your needs.   Looking for more? Explore them all in the Jira template library, or dive into even more customization options in the Anova Apps section of the Atlassian Marketplace

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