Top development teams turn to Jira for the tools they need to simplify agile project management. The platform’s cross-cutting features help you better plan projects by creating user stories and issues, planning sprints, and distributing tasks across the entire team. But, many teams are missing out on powerful Anova apps from the Atlassian marketplace—and they’re leaving a wealth of business opportunities on the table. 

Anova Apps offers tons of features to customize, optimize, and extend the native functionalities of Jira. These top-rated apps are your new secret weapon when it comes to meeting and exceeding your project management goals. So let’s check them out:

Top-Rated Atlassian Apps Powered By Anova In The Atlassian Marketplace

What are the top 3 Anova Apps most favored by Jira users?

  1. Power Scripts – Jira Workflow Automation: Automate Jira workflows and rules and sync databases
  2. Power Utilities for Jira – Workflow Toolbox for Admins: Automate ticket creation and daily operations 
  3. Power Custom Fields for Jira: Create custom fields for Jira

Let’s dive into the main reasons these highly lauded apps stand out from the rest.

Power Scripts– Jira Workflow Automation

Power Scripts is an automation and admin utility app that fills the gaps in Atlassian’s base application. When it comes to automation, administration of software tooling, governance, integrations, and migration—Power Scripts is the go-to option.

This powerful app includes features such as live fields, predefined JQL and reporting routines, workflow automation, mail handler JSD support, and much more.

It is a simple, flexible, powerful, and portable solution offering more than just scripting. Using this app, admins can reduce implementation time by 50% (as per Anova apps) and run upgrades or maintenance without breaking the scripts across the cloud and data center. Plus, it requires no prior engineering, Java development, Groovy, Jira SDK, or Jira plugin development knowledge. Everyday Jira users can pick it up in no time. You can find a complete user guide here.


Atlassian app graphic symbolizing connected apps


Power Utilities For Jira– Workflow Toolbox For Admins

Power Utilities is an efficient way to automate daily Jira operations in the Atlassian environment without breaking the bank. It is an affordable solution to improve the workflow and use additional conditions, validators, POST functions, JQL functions quickly and without any code. It provides additional validators to check various conditions and input criteria.

Users can use Regex, JQL, links, and comment validators. In addition, Power Utilities provides custom post functions to automate time-draining routine tasks.



You can customize searches with additional JQL functions to find specific tickets based on several criteria such as links, comments, subtasks, parents, conditions, and more. It’s a favorite tool for developers when it comes to simplifying daily Jira operations.



Power Custom Fields For Jira

Project managers use this powerful app to create custom fields in Jira. Power Custom Fields for Jira can perform calculations on fields, handle specialized formatting, and integrate and import external data. Top project managers gravitate towards this app for its extensive configurability and enhanced reporting.

Some of the custom fields Jira users find most helpful include:

  • Number fields
    • Unsized Issues
    • Sum of Story points
    • Completed issues by percentage
    • Number of stories
  • User Picker Fields
    • Modified by
    • Previous Assignee
  • Text Fields
    • Parent Status
    • Parent Field Value
    • Time in the Previous Status


Configuration screenshot of Power Custom Fields for Jira - an Atlassian App


See documentation for a rich set of examples!

Improve your Jira experience with these top-rated Atlassian apps

These top 3 Jira plugins by Anova Apps help make work smarter—not harder. Anova Apps are amongst the most favored by Jira users looking for state-of-the-art functionalities that help ship products on time and with full confidence. 

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