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This is your one-stop-shop for all things Atlassian plugins, addons, and Marketplace apps. As an Atlassian Marketplace Top Vendor and one of the top platinum solution partners of the year for the last 5 years, our Atlassian, Lean Agile, and DevOps success has come as a result of the blending process and software solutions into our unified framework of Atlassian apps. We provide a comprehensive suite of add-ons, tools, plugins, apps, and capabilities for Jira Administrators, Atlassian consultants, Business users, and other functional Atlassian stakeholders.


Our customers constantly need the ability to tailor Atlassian with flexible and custom business process solutions that are lightweight, quick, and easy to implement.


Equipping our customers with 1 strategic software services partner has brought Atlassian application governance front and center. Implementing this sort of enterprise focused strategy requires that users audit and assess their instances, and make the appropriate tradeoffs. As a result, customers commonly decide to eliminate the need to depend on 20+ different marketplace vendors in order to bridge the feature gaps. Now with the power of our Simple Issue Language engine, or SIL™ Engine, is leveraged across our Power Suite of Apps providing Atlassian add-ons and tools to solve complex use cases related to compliance, governance, integrations, conditional reporting, custom metrics, workflow automations and more…


So, what can our Jira plugins and apps do for you?

SIL® Engine for Power Suite

is a language abstraction layer that unites our powerful ecosystem of interconnected apps to bring you simple scripted solution routines related to automation, integration and customization throughout your Atlassian Platform.

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Power Scripts™ for Jira

removes repetitive tasks and helps you setup and schedule your own automation rules. Automate and schedule actions with SIL listeners to save time. Easily manipulate the Jira user interface (UI) with Live Fields and preview your workflow.

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Power Database Fields PRO® for Jira

bring external data from all your other tools and repos together and use it as a part of your workflow. Read and write back and forth between databases and Jira and simplify your workflow. Removes the need for manual entry with easy configure and import of external data sources such as LDAP, Active Directory, Salesforce, other CRM and remote data.  Bring all your external data into Jira and Jira Service Desk and populate custom table grids. Read, write and validate data from custom fields inside Jira with remote database source data using SQL queries. Tailor with cascading selections, autocomplete text boxes.

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Power Custom Fields® for Jira

delivers the ability to process huge datasets from various sources. Implement custom and standardized dynamic lists of values, enable conditional value selections that are dependent on what the user has selected on the current or previous create, edit and transition screens. Easily create and configure enhanced custom fields with more comprehensive custom field types.

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Power Actions® for Jira

gives you the ability to add scripted button actions to tickets, screens and more in Jira and simplify workflows.gather user input before firing a transition, add custom wizards to design entire flows inside of a single button.

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Power Scripts™ for Confluence

Simplify Confluence administrative with one-click bulk actions. Save time with custom macros and routines that cut down on manual repetitive tasks. Integrate Jira and Confluence better with issue templates. Create Jira projects and tickets generating bulk standardized templates from conditions.

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If you’re currently depending on more than 7 marketplace Jira plugin app vendors to fulfill your feature enhancements and use case needs, you don’t have an application governance strategy and technical debt is slowly rising in your instance creating a hidden risk that will need to be paid back, maintained and upgraded later. Our comprehensive toolbox of Jira plugins and apps removes this dependency on your development and operations teams.  Allow your IT teams to focus on their priorities vs ours and count on the fact that our suite of apps all leverage a framework of apps from one partner that are connected through a proprietary language layer that is decoupled from the Atlassian application layer. Let us maintain the technical debt for you. Our add-ons and automated tools are guaranteed to work across all Atlassian major and minor updates.  We maintain the batteries-included Jira admin suite utilities, we’ve got the multi tool that allows you to design, create and implement custom cross-product solutions.

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